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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get started? There seems to be a lot of different options, I need help!
No worries! Please feel free to check out our new page that will assist in helping you book photo booth services with us!
How long have you been in operation for?
We've been in the industry for over 3 years, done over 250 events and taken over 50,000 photo booth photos!
What makes you different from any other photo booth company out there?
From helping you pick the best package for your event, to making sure we are in the best spot due to ambient light, to making sure each and everyone of your guests know where the camera is, to teaching guests on how to scan QR codes for the online gallery, to making sure you get your picture at the end of the night....We try our best to make sure you get the best of our services! 
As we operate under the Agile Project Management framework, we always look review and improve after every single one of our events. From our brainstorm meetings to travelling thousands of miles to meet our suppliers, our company always strives to learn, develop and grow.
Client First Attitude 
From boomerang booths to bouncy castles, we always tell our clients, "if you don't see something you are looking for on our website, let us know, and we'll go above and beyond to accommodate your request."
Will you price match with your competition?
This may sound surprising but we really try not to. We have developed many great relationships with other photo booth vendors and there's an awesome community of us out there. The thought of taking a potential event away from another company due to price doesn't jive with our style. However we are happy to put together customized packages that may meet your needs in a different way than others!
What are your service areas? Is there any travel fee involved?
We are based in South Vancouver but service the Greater Vancouver Area as well as parts of the Fraser Valley. We do not charge travel or any additional hidden fees on top of our quoted prices. However, availability for specific dates and packages may be dependent on the distance of the event. 
Do you leave your booth unattended?
No, all photo booth packages come with at least one attendant, we do not/will not leave any of our booths unattended.
How much time in advance do I need to give when booking a photo booth?
The optimal time frame when booking a photo booth is at least 3 weeks in advance. This gives you the time to collaborate on the template design, personally pick your props, confirm space with your venue and check the previews of your prints before hand.
How much time in advance do you need to setup the photo booth before operation?
Maximum time needed - 2 hours / Minimum time needed - 1 hour, this is dependent on venue
Your popular packages listed do not suit my needs, what other packages do you have?
Please feel free to contact us at, we will definitely be able to accommodate your requests and also provide some a la carte pricing if you wish to only rent portions of our photo booth packages.
What is the maximum capacity of your photo booths
Our record is 36, but I'm sure it can be beaten! The larger the space, the most people you can fit!
(We also have an enclosed option that can fit 8-10 people max)
What happens if the booth breaks down?
Each event will have a booth technician on location with a direct line to the booth building/owner (Tim). The technician will have the full capabilities of troubleshooting any of our photo booths and in the rare case video conference me into the situation. If it is a mechanical issue, all booths are equipped with a back up of every cable and electronic component. Once the trouble is spotted, it is as easy as plugging in a new USB device and the booth is back up and running. 
What type of maintenance is done to the photo booth to keep it in tip top condition?
After each event, the booth technician will do a 10 point inspection to make sure all equipment is error free. Media levels are also checked at this point along with a full physical inspection around the inside and outside of the booth to make sure there is not physical wear / damage to any booth components. 
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