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Template Design

Please see below on the different design options available for building the perfect template for your event. Remember to fill out the Booth Designer form provided by our team after you have made your selections!
Champagne Foil 119.jpg

K&N Templates

A collection of our templates personally designed by the K&N Design Team

Sashi Victoria Wedding 219.jpg

Personal Integration

Want to be on your own template? See some of our awesome photo integrations we've done in the past.



Already a guru in graphic design and want to take the wheel? 

We'll give you the specs!


Partner Templates

A collection of templates created by our ongoing partners of various designers around North America


Customized Design

Have a theme, color, or corporate logo you would like in your template?

We can make that happen as well!


Signature Templates

A collection of over 3000 premium templates available for the Gold Booth or a Silver Booth Add-on ($25)

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